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The Graduate Program

by Megaciph

Give it meaning shake the floor and the ceiling Move the Earth from beneath your feet that’s my reason My logic my understanding it’s high treason Leaving troops in the desert when they’re dying and bleeding We’re just pawns in this game of chess between rulers Inner city blacks poor whites from the rurals And Latinos that rest in peace on hood murals Cause crooked politicians got a lack of morals They claim that Iraq had W-M-D’s I claim it’s unjust manifest destiny And proclaim this to the highest courts there can (ever) be These religious zealots live in pure blasphemy My name states when mental energies gather and circulate In a positive harmony we can all be great In this life without having to wait Or salivating on salvation and the pearly gates This is the graduate program IMF International monetary fundamentals and know this Who’s getting paid who’s bought? Sold short and sold off shores it’s all sorts (Chorus) (2X) If I had one percent of Bill Gates’ billions I’d invest in building schools in the hood for poor children With education programs geared towards their life Like something in the hood you can use at night How to get the heat right and keep them bills paid Make sure I eat right cause pressure don’t play We’re modern day I’d teach them about the plantations Of corporate America in this global population Exploiting Africa for her diamonds and gold Watching china suffocate herself with all the coal And (how) the cold of the world’s oceans is growing hot And the holes in the ozone grow but we don’t stop Consume or concede you can take or leave I choose to plant seeds for the air I breathe And the trees that grow will remember when I leave Because the wind blows and the open believe (Chorus) (2X) The IMF does not help poor countries And the World Bank only takes advantage of dummies Conditionality is their way of creating mummies Living dead nation states wrapped up in monies Owed to the wealthy nations and superpowers Interest rates that watch their products get devoured I see it all like a guard in a tower Working so many shifts that minutes pass like hours And speak truth with the heart of a lion You can hear this for millions of miles without trying I do it all for the house of Zion And God is everywhere you feel it without trying Tithing for the preacher your salvation buying Dying on the corner cursed and crying Merely surviving when you’re meant to be thriving I came for the sole purpose of reviving And speak truth with the heart of a lion You can hear this for millions of miles without trying I do it all for the house of Zion And God is everywhere you feel it without trying
Take it all back We gon’ take it all back Make it break their back Shut down the system Wipe clean the track Let’s take it all back Make it break their back Shut down the system Wipe clean the track (Chorus) More slaves died on the ships than on the shores Plantations, triangle trades, and tribal wars The holocaust occurred before the First World War And it’s still taking place today in a different form ‘Cause we think it’s the norm eviction notices and layoffs Federal agents, corporate scams, and payoffs, Outrageous taxes and not enough days off To justify insufficient benefits to cover a cough Let’s say my water gets shut off what can I do If my electricity’s out and my phone is down too? Expand from micro to macro encompass a world view Perceive problems overseas can pose a threat to you In a breath you can do what nations can’t even achieve I inhale find peace become rooted and believe This is one love, there’s only one way to leave Exhale, release deceit allow love to lead. (Chorus) Foreign lands foreign shores white sand beaches of war Covered in blood while the USO does covering tours My offering’s pure this world is diluted manure Give me a SHURE and I’ll write the ills cleansing tour That’sGoodness strike De La Corazon Or the belly of the beast that freedom calls home On my land where free tribes used to roam Now we’re hunted like buffalo lost tribes in a zone Investing in twenty inch chromes for protection While eight remains the section awaiting the resurrection Getting high staying fly on a constant mission for sexing Forgetting the reflections of Cube’s Lethal Injections Becoming prey to predators praying for inoculations From the ramifications of their poor decision making Like tasting fly AIDS vagina of an undecided major I only come to spread truth from the S.W.A.T.S. to Decatur (Chorus) What’s the drop? …This a two thousand year old plot Throughout the ages …don’t stop the rock Vibrate the stages … don’t stop the rock Don’t stop the rock …don’t stop the rock Now …scream until your lungs pop then ask for more Of that high strung whore snorting lines off the floor Licking fingers clean in between lips and the jaw Content with low rent and not looking for more Bombard the shores load up the eighteen-wheelers Hold up freight trains until conductors feel us Give me the loot ante up its greed and lust I need the cash investments stocks and trusts Or just hate prejudice and inequality Condescending attitudes with common realities America the ugly with its beautiful casualties We’re having a black tie affair so come casual please . (Chorus) ©
Answers 04:54
Answers Verse 1 Born 8/21/1974 To a mother and a father always at war I guess he felt large by making her feel small Until that day came when she up and left it all Moved to New York on her own to start our home Then came back to get me before I was too grown I love showing props mom you did it alone Take a look at the fruit of your bosom now that he’s grown Sincere and dedicated to right the wrong Infect the masses with hip-hop song Respect the feminine it makes me strong Plus wise enough to admit when I’m wrong Chorus Where have I been? Who have I known? When have I lived? How have I grown? Why are we here? What are we doing? Who holds the answers to what we’re pursuing? Where have I been? Who have I known? When have I lived? How have I grown? Why are we here? What are we doing? Who holds the answers to what we’re pursuing? Verse 2 Until now I’ve asked the wrong questions Influenced for years by the media’s suggestions And falling due to what my flesh was requesting But life has taught me to reassess the lessons Extract the blessings or I’m wasting time And what could be worse than seek and not find My soul as I know is mind and body entwined Yet try as I may I can’t escape the grind Except when I focus on that inward I Establish foundations that cannot be denied Build nations of thinkers in modern day times Ready to reap the harvests of these modern day rhymes Like robust wine at its maturation point Allow body and time to saturate my joints What I compose I propose to prove points Emcees spit and let the crowds anoint Chorus Where have I been? Who have I known? When have I lived? How have I grown? Why are we here? What are we doing? Who holds the answers to what we’re pursuing? Where have I been? Who have I known? When have I lived? How have I grown? Why are we here? What are we doing? Who holds the answers to what we’re pursuing? I’ve dealt with promoters all shapes and sizes Managers, wanna-bees hypes and liars Scandalous hoes and jock riding admirers Even family who stole my words and tried rhyming them In retrospect these events are who I am So I always reflect before I plan In the first place I’m nothing without Fam In the worst case I’m still my own man I know who I am I know where I’ve been I’m probably the most deadly with a pad and a pen I know why I’m here I know what I’m doing I hold the answers to what I’m pursuing Bridge(outro) Who holds the answers
Giving Thanks I give thanks for the critics And love with no limits Live life to the fullest And I’m all up in it If it’s a game (whisper: c’mon) Then I gots to win it Giving thanks every moment For the end and beginning (Chorus) I’m starting to realize I got to give up my dreams Or I’ll be forty years old without a god darn thing Talking bout I’m a rapper … To these youngstas Hip-hop is all about the gun clappin What the fuck happened! Where’s all the meaning Rappin with a purpose I’ll never stop dreaming Calling to the Most High … I’m a believer My faith is strong I got no time for deceivers Giving thanks for the doubters couldn’t live on without em And I’m blessed with these words I’d be gone without em Test in this world to stay strong without him These dreams never die we build lives around em (Chorus)(2X) In the beginning it was just me and my moms If dad was there I don’t remember his charms Unfortunate for me I clearly remember his harms Unfortunate for him clarity made this song I give thanks for the blessing to live life without him Give thanks for his life couldn’t live mine without him If you see him tell him this without shouting My seeds will never doubt me like I doubt him I don’t live without sin but I give thanks for my blessings Do my best in this world to keep the latter manifesting ThatsGoodness Don it like sword shield and arms Walk with my head held high and the sky in my palms (Chorus) (2X) I give thanks I fear no man I fear God I fear me myself and I for not following my heart Blessed with more talent than what most rappers call their art I’m a writer emcee poet and teacher from the spark From the heart the big bang the start of this thing Representing bedrock BK my block in this game Hooked up with FQ and its about to begin Connect Ohio and Brooklyn man we guaranteed to win A couple transplants coming out of transplant city Welcome you to the A we keep it dirty south and gritty Here the weather’s either fit for bikinis or just shitty And one wrong turn will have twelve on you quickly There’s two cities the ins and the outs In here we keep it true school that’s what I’m about Where the lyrics alone can determine the artist’s clout Not the fashions we choose or the rides we bounce (Chorus) (2X) ©
Duke (of the Clubs) Some people like to shake me up some just stir me I’m best when straight but take a mixer if you’re girly Rocks? I melt them into water when you pour me And make everybody stumble and shout so they don’t bore me I’m the duke of the club and I demand your love Coming off the top shelf hit the bar with a dub Make the music thump make then booties jump And get the mood in the place like, “Fuck it I’m drunk!” Now we can do this dark or light tall or short Double or a single half pint or quart Making spirits dance like it’s a contact sport Just don’t bump the DJ or everybody’s short Brewing thought process you can’t recollect How you hooked up with this piece made a connect Lost your stash your cash still picked up the check And maintained your respect after the rough sex I see you coming through the door checking me out Lined up at the bar like “Let me out!” With the dutchess we’re straight we need the duke of the house Come in and make this motherfucking party bounce Rolling buds on the couch all you thugs on the wall Leg breakers breaking crews stout drinkers and all Fly mami’s approachable but she’s hard to call ‘Cause she know nine out of ten is on a budget to ball Real quick to floss but even quicker to fall And getting hit with that line makes them slip with the ball For my independent women that be living it large And all my brothers on top that do it cash or charge Show love in the first degree Dead the hate and come party with me Call me the duke of the club cause I do it right I’m the duke of the club and I do it all night For my kings and queens do it all night Prince or princess do it all night Are you a peasant or pauper? Do it all night Are you the court jester do it all night For lovely barmaids that do it all night Your favorite barkeeps do it all night The royal guard gotta do it all night The court musicians we do it all night For kings and queens do it all night Prince or princess do it all night You a peasant or pauper? Do it all night If you are the court jester do it all night Right here in the A we do it all night In Philly and DC we do it all night New York New York do it all night The whole east coast we do it all night Chicago do it all night Ohio do it all night Kansas City we do it all night Throughout the Midwest we do it all night In LA we do it all night San Jose we do it all night Down in Las Vegas they do it all night You know the west is the best and they do it all night In Houston we do it all night Louisiana we do it all night In the dirty dirty we do it all night In the dirty dirty! we do it all night ©
That Ain’t Right Cause I’m in it for my people screamin’ That Ain’t Right From the country or the city whether black or white If you up against the man then I’m sheddin some light And I’ll make things dark if the light ain’t right (Chorus) Yo they took away my livelihood and that ain’t right Now all I got left is to rob and fight And they wonder why the hood ain’t actin’ right That’s a simple thing it’s just black and white But I ain’t talkin’ bout race cause that ain’t right It’s the poor vs. the rich and that’s what ain’t right I’m always down for the cause like that ain’t right Be the last one to leave and the first one to fight The last one hired the first under the knife But you heard this story it’s the story of my life Inequality stress poverty strife Headaches gripes anxiety fights And we say it’s all right but that aint right Mothers working nights that aint right Fathers twenty five to life that aint right Kids with no future now that aint right I know my mom is worth way more than gold And the breadth of my dreams this ghetto cannot hold So I speak to the youth loud proud and bold And tell ‘em what ain’t right thru the microphone We at odd at home because the streets ain’t even There’s haves and have nots and the haves is decievin’ The have nots that contentment’s the way of bein I rhyme to give the latter a new way of seein Everything in its season I’m divine inspiration The most high blessed and prepped for destination Incite the revolution shhhhh revelations Will not be televised on your idiot stations Liberate the nations using war and aggression? What’s wrong with this picture did you miss the lesson? My mission connects with the highest of election But what aint right aint always personal confession Many are called but only few will respond Beat into my brain as a tadpole in the pond Now I’m fully grown an amphibian And most of my peers they be scared to get it on Stayin close to their fear like a lie keep em warm I’d rather be cold with the truth in a zone I rhyme for rights because so much is wrong Just keeping it real y’all keeping it strong Dedicated to 121st psalms And modern day slaves that work on prison farms And cotton pickers that work with bloody palms Building up nations that do nothing but harm This is Hip-hop we gonna tell you what’s wrong The real don’t ask if we can all get along If you really want peace turn the generators on So the wheels of justice can spin this song (Chorus) All I ever see is conflicts and disputes, And Passive people getting crushed by boots, See This society supports thugs and street slugs, By sweeping all their garbage and trash under the rug, So I drink fat mugs of brown German ales, And don’t wonder why pigs are blind to crack sales, When government officials order shipments of illegal products, And then distribute them in our projects Resultin’ in the product of government projects Like Rape, Murder, and Robbery: All young Black suspects. Nevertheless we never protest The pigs could harass, throw lead in your chest But it don’t matter, pockets get fatter And the end outweighs the means by which you get it … I guess; Your actions are the words that say it. I’m not preachin Think of it as pleadin ‘Cause our people as a whole are … Dyin and bleedin While we’re promoting Lucci through illegal moves We could cruise to the top and stop singing the blues, stop Bein’ on the front page of the daily news, seein Who’s the hardest, and start Seein which women are modest Maybe the right combination will bring revolution I said, Maybe the right combination will bring revolution Don’t be fooled because we were all in slavery when they wrote the constitution Not even counted as one full man And you want me to vote? I do If you look a little deeper you’ll understand: I may pack steel and be an angry Black man But No one can tell nuthin in this world I ain’t gonna check for myself That’s real, so Pack steel? I’m a do it ‘til the day that I die. And when I rock the mic’ I’ll always tell the truth, no lies To me that’s Hip-hop, Fuck all dem bullshit dreams (Chorus) ©
What U Need 04:42
What you Need In the best interests of my countrymen I suggest we all take a step out the system Who makes the wheels turn us or them? In God we should trust but we’re trusting them Watching on the news as they play us dumb Whose information is more fun? So I abstain from their propaganda like a nun In meditation my time is better invested Like P.E. and K.R.S. fuck what the rest did Ain’t no rest for us ghetto kids And society is built on the least privileged And modern day slaves come from all races So what do I have to say to get your Support in the street for economic war Like Martin Luther King but we boycott all Until that day we see the system fall Don’t try to tell me what you want but need And I won’t front when it comes to speed I’m gonna always give you what you need Cause ain’t nothing in this world they can make stop me (Chorus) (2X) Now this might seem like a poison for a cure And how it’s gonna turn out I’m really not sure But one thing has got to change and that’s the law How do you import the drugs and call it war? Close off the ports check the cargo Or would that go against your inner city embargo Where nothing comes out but the crime goes in And kids grow up feeling invisibly closed in Clothed in the shackles their family’s chosen Which can best express how our voices were frozen My toes in the ocean ain’t cold enough So I’m a freeze the waters and call your bluff The only thing backing up your dollar is us We’re behind your stocks your bonds and your trusts So unless a coup is what you want I offer this advice for your consideration (Chorus) Now what the government wants is for me to be quiet They claim that such words will incite a riot But the truth is everyone I speak with is tired Of officially elected greedy bastards and liars Make our taxes higher give us national health care Stop supporting the military give it back to welfare Our education system priority everywhere And no more death penalty the laws ain’t fair These major corporations they make killing a sport Then they hire a judge a lawyer a court Some lobbyists a senator without getting caught And crush the little guy with minimal support Now that you saw it don’t just get angry Or volunteer at your local church bi-annually Go home educate your whole family And spread the word we need we need to be free!! (Chorus) ©
Keep it Going Heart rate increasing thoughts racing when you hold me Dilated pupils now my hands are feeling clammy Is this paranoia or do strange emotions hold me Feeling stranded on a island under oceans of palm trees Swaying in the breeze and the ocean is thickening This may not be healthy but I gotta see more of you I can’t get enough cause your touch is addicting And I feel so rich when I’m right next door to you Applauding you I’m all for you calling out my name Holding on your hips like the bows of a ship Getting tossed on the waves of a sea that’s untamed All my thoughts are contained I just don’t wanna slip Undulating your movements got my head throbbing I’m both captain and passenger with a set destination You’re my ship and my ocean your whole body’s throbbing And you’re unpredictable that’s why I chose this occupation You like dat? Yeah, yeah… Just like dat? Yeah, keep it goin, keep it goin (repeat several times) We made it through the roughest tide and stayed intact Now I’m one with my ship and I’ll never give her back They say a captain goes down with his ship but in fact The two go down together that’s a beautiful act Put your sails up spread em let em feel the air Unravel all the tension we want no tension here Thrusting faster we are almost there My steering feels offbeat but rhythmic because I’m Here goes the best I’m giving it all I got Don’t stop we on top we about to rock No need to rush making sure it hits the spot When waves are running high and the waters are hot Got this destination locked so there’s no getting lost Merely setting new charts taking things off course Make it hard to resist ropes hard on soft I got her teasin me and pleasin me and pullin clothes off You like dat? Yeah, yeah… Just like dat? Yeah, keep it goin, keep it goin (repeat several times) ©
Hands of Time If only I could turn back the hands of time I would ask Abraham what was on his mind Putting all my people’s lives on the line But I can’t so I wrote this to ease my mind If only you could turn back and press rewind Relive every moment that you have in your mind You could take your regrets and make them fine But you can’t so I hope this will ease your mind (Chorus) Spinal tap vertebrae draw the fluid They want us pacified I’m exposin you to it Freedom its our right but really not conducive To life in a system when we breed to consume shit Before we ever leave the womb life’s a tomb Of products designed for gender specific rooms For boys there’s building blocks in baby blue A pink tiara for your princess they got that too Training school begins before kindergarten With a brand new rockin cradle or have you forgotten Brand new life equals brand new cotton Remember the seeds of America’s trees are rotten Whatever I’m doin breathe truth into it Shock them onlookers with their safe distance viewin Forget the shepherds and what they claim to be doin Cause everything around us is bathed in confusion (Chorus) Nursery rhymes in the reverse order Deprogram the brainwashed are my orders As a child I would always push the social borders Singin Christmas songs in the middle of august I didn’t want toys I wanted less chores Wash the dishes scrub the tub sweep the floors And no TV before I’d go outdoors Now this has stayed with me and my life don’t pause Play all day long like a work song charter Magnet school I’m attracting good karma My past mistakes become my future’s armor I’m protected by Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, and Dharma Divide and be conquered or unify them all They separate the stories and feed us the fall Tell us before we can walk we have to crawl But the universe is yours you just have to call (Chorus) Are you going to buy into system or will it buy into you? We complain that they holding us down but who’s who? They could be you it’s all a point of view Perspectives prove that there are many lanes to choose So don’t get bruised too badly by opinions My influence makes it better for my children So I enter this to lift your hands to the ceiling Until we’re all so hot from Hip-hop we’re kneeling Peeling at layers of truth until it hurts Give me back my skin my religion my church When I was young other kids would call me Lurch But now I’m respected because of my girth Wide body of knowledge experience is key Before me lies a vast sea of possibility The expanse of which most of my peers will never see Just ask yourself a question do I work for them or for me? Ask yourself a question do I work for them or for me? Ask yourself this question do I work for them or for me? Emancipated… Emancipated… Emancipated. (Chorus) ©
Say My Name 04:22
Say My name Doubting my worth should I have been a stillbirth? Re-evaluate life put on a new shirt I had to pick up my dick up out the dirt And get them wounds licked because my soul was hurt The first official we’re blessed with the Lord’s tissue Whether cold or hot your spot’s the top issue Don’t stop to fish if your crops are gonna miss you If my hook ain’t catch you then the streams gone get you Or its sharks will come fetch you and scream in your ear With that same old fear and pain year after year Rocking top dollar ice and top dollar gear Talking bout they hard as hell but look queer Throw that trash over the pier without a second thought I work for the Lord’s court my soul can’t be bought Keep it real for my people’s Roots like Black Thought Stayin humble at all times so never fall short Wrought iron rhyme mount Zion mind On a search for peace move to self ye shall find Harmony terror love and hate With our own hands we can create Now say my name cause I want you to And buy my album cause I’m telling you to What more do you need we’re making you move Fuck knowledge of self just get with the groove (Chorus) (2X) I ain’t telling no jokes sun ain’t a damn thing funny Except for ego trippjn off of fan based money For sweets I chose honey now my whole life sunny Take a well-done T-bone with the eggs good and runny Rap Chuckie if them puppies want to come out and play I slay lame game rappers and leave em all strays The next day their home will be the place I stay And wherever Hip-hop lives ThatsGoodness plays From Atlanta to LA to New York it don’t stop We roll up and keep on inhaling until we pop Cause life don’t stop it just maintain or build And without knowledge of self you can’t climb the hill Brothers keeping it real you know how we feel Yo Avi wherever you at come cop a deal I refer to the mic as a piece of steel Quick to stick you up in the streets for mass appeal With a zeal for the art spit from the heart Reaching heads of races generations apart With words of wisdom stuffed into poisonous darts If you don’t love the game ain’t no need to start (Chorus) ©
Game Over 03:50
Game Over You’re party rocking in the place to be And there’s no emcee that can dare replace me The O-G-E reverse and you see Froid could not locate my super I-D I lost it right here twenty years ago About the same time I began to flow Now I see it manifest everywhere I go People scream ThatsGoodness we steal the show It’s MEGACIPH on the microphone letting you know I remain independent cause I got that flow These majors can’t hustle me off what I know Streets is grimy the hood you wouldn’t want to go Rather see it airbrushed on magazine covers With fat platinum ropes than dope slangin’ brothers Supporting their seeds by selling dope to mothers Cause you ain’t airbrushing the hood, little brother 1-2-3-4 You call her the game but she don’t call you back She knockin’ on my door beggin’ me to rap She bangin’ I’m tappin’ beatin’ that back in Got your people sayin’ what the fuck just happened? You brought her to shame so she don’t want you back She offers us tours all across the map She payin’ I’m rappin’ clubs I’m packin’ For all of my people what the fuck is happening? 1-2-3-4 (Chorus) I remain independent there’s none rappin’ harder Selling out to the mainstream why the hell should I bother? Y’all keep supporting the underground we keep moving farther And if I can’t move the people then I just die like Marta (haha) The public transports this message across the charts Until the music transcends and delivers the lost Simultaneously the people turn commercial radio off Because it ain’t for us it’s way off course Pardon me if you feeling this reciprocate I’m all belief that’s how this art form initiate I’m all four these necessary elements you stipulate To separate the mediocre jokers from the great I’m tagging my name on your mentals with every session And I don’t break I pop locks with the best of them Spit hot fire that melts the rest of them And I love the wheels but my fingers can’t taste ‘em (Chorus) I spit flame at your hottest and melt ‘em like a Popsicle You can’t decipher cause I deliver block riddles For the streets where my people got way too little And holding heat is their way to see upper middle Class struggles enter into glass puzzles Where dreams shatter as often as passing gas bubbles We in the last hustle so let’s amass muscle I’m in the game for my people til the last buzzer An overtime wonder I’m the coach’s dream Never missing practice at the cost of the team And of course it may seem that I’m lost in the seams Cause I refuse to sell out at the cost of my dreams Sun I’m born to this thing plus I keep it in perspective Staying hot for the Most High so my flow is respected Keep it locked with one in the chamber to get perfected Spitting fully automatic in a hater’s direction (Chorus)


This is my first solo album. The production rich with musicality and depth enabling the content of the vocals to shine. This is calling for some responsibility in the music industry


released June 1, 2006

All lyrics written and performed by M. Thomas for Thatsgoodness Inc. Atlanta, GA., except ♪and ♫,
♪ hook on What U Need performed by F. Quick for Thatsgoodness Inc.
♫ accompaniment on Hands of Time Performed by Jarius for Thatsgoodness Inc.

All songs composed, recorded and mixed by F. Quick for FQ Productions. Clarkston, GA.

The album The Graduate Program is the joint property of Thatsgoodness Inc. and FQ Productions, All rights reserved. Copyright 2006.


all rights reserved



Megaciph Atlanta, Georgia

Megaciph is Mental Energies Gather And Circulate In Positive Harmony. Using concepts that are timeless with a soulful approach to the music this is Hip-hop at its finest, it is the truth, infectious, beautiful, exotic, and masterful. Megaciph is a voice that is rare and needed in today's social and political climate. ... more

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