Game Over

from by Megaciph

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Letting any one who wants it know that I am fully capable of shutting it down!! Who Want It?!?!?


Game Over
You’re party rocking in the place to be
And there’s no emcee that can dare replace me
The O-G-E reverse and you see
Froid could not locate my super I-D
I lost it right here twenty years ago
About the same time I began to flow
Now I see it manifest everywhere I go
People scream ThatsGoodness we steal the show
It’s MEGACIPH on the microphone letting you know
I remain independent cause I got that flow
These majors can’t hustle me off what I know
Streets is grimy the hood you wouldn’t want to go
Rather see it airbrushed on magazine covers
With fat platinum ropes than dope slangin’ brothers
Supporting their seeds by selling dope to mothers
Cause you ain’t airbrushing the hood, little brother
You call her the game but she don’t call you back
She knockin’ on my door beggin’ me to rap
She bangin’ I’m tappin’ beatin’ that back in
Got your people sayin’ what the fuck just happened?
You brought her to shame so she don’t want you back
She offers us tours all across the map
She payin’ I’m rappin’ clubs I’m packin’
For all of my people what the fuck is happening?
1-2-3-4 (Chorus)
I remain independent there’s none rappin’ harder
Selling out to the mainstream why the hell should I bother?
Y’all keep supporting the underground we keep moving farther
And if I can’t move the people then I just die like Marta (haha)
The public transports this message across the charts
Until the music transcends and delivers the lost
Simultaneously the people turn commercial radio off
Because it ain’t for us it’s way off course
Pardon me if you feeling this reciprocate
I’m all belief that’s how this art form initiate
I’m all four these necessary elements you stipulate
To separate the mediocre jokers from the great
I’m tagging my name on your mentals with every session
And I don’t break I pop locks with the best of them
Spit hot fire that melts the rest of them
And I love the wheels but my fingers can’t taste ‘em
I spit flame at your hottest and melt ‘em like a Popsicle
You can’t decipher cause I deliver block riddles
For the streets where my people got way too little
And holding heat is their way to see upper middle
Class struggles enter into glass puzzles
Where dreams shatter as often as passing gas bubbles
We in the last hustle so let’s amass muscle
I’m in the game for my people til the last buzzer
An overtime wonder I’m the coach’s dream
Never missing practice at the cost of the team
And of course it may seem that I’m lost in the seams
Cause I refuse to sell out at the cost of my dreams
Sun I’m born to this thing plus I keep it in perspective
Staying hot for the Most High so my flow is respected
Keep it locked with one in the chamber to get perfected
Spitting fully automatic in a hater’s direction


from The Graduate Program, released June 1, 2006


all rights reserved



Megaciph Mobile, Alabama

Megaciph is Mental Energies Gather And Circulate In Positive Harmony. Using concepts that are timeless with a soulful approach to the music this is Hip-hop at its finest, it is the truth, infectious, beautiful, exotic, and masterful. Megaciph is a voice for all people. He is a welcome addition to the ranks of lyrical freedom fighter in the universal struggle against oppression. ... more

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