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Verse 1
I’m in a jet flying overhead bombs dropping on ya brain
Megaciph a traveler these tracks’ll never be the same
The whole game changed if you ain’t sleep peep the structure
Most of you rappers will not survive my puncture 4
Prepare for departure I’m here on arrival
All eyes on me but I am not the rival
I am what the knife do or what the strap get
The tongue stay sharp and I’m guaranteed respect 8
I give what I get respect is how I’m living
This is my announcement I will never give in
This is public service and that’s what I am giving
A voice for my people no choice for my living 12
So find me in the field until the game is done
With a plowshare and shears and two chairs in the sun
Take my peers to the next with the rapture I lift
This is rap for the mature now clap for the mother ship 16
Verse 2
Get your passports ready we going overseas with this one
International I got a brand new son
Got to show him how the world work take him on a trip
They say I’m tripping but they ain’t even seen shit 4
I had to get a new book my old one was full of it
Stamps and visas with a mark for the militant
This is not a fingerprint this is where the real has been
Banging with my fire team faithful to my citizens 8
Semper Fi ooo rah! And I could kill again
You a meal ready to eat and I could feed again
Prolly won’t fill me with your whole crew of silly men
I’m a stout man but known to down a Killian’s 12
So let’s take a flight is it whiskey or beer?!
From Japan to Korea with the soju I see ya
I’m sober with beer goggles on and no fear
Yeah I’m here to fight like Mike on ya ear 16
And talking ain’t my sport I walk it out the same
Like chalk lines encircling the bodies that are claimed
In this dirty dirty game from Paris to the Bay
I got fam in the Rhone take it to the golden gates 20
And just in case you want to get all gnarly
Like every brother with locks wanna be Bob Marley
I been to the Motherland stayed in Shashemena
And I’m going back to Africa cause y’all ain’t ready! 24


from Now and Later Mixtape Volume 1, released February 27, 2014




Megaciph Mobile, Alabama

Megaciph is Mental Energies Gather And Circulate In Positive Harmony. Using concepts that are timeless with a soulful approach to the music this is Hip-hop at its finest, it is the truth, infectious, beautiful, exotic, and masterful. Megaciph is a voice for all people. He is a welcome addition to the ranks of lyrical freedom fighter in the universal struggle against oppression. ... more

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