What U Need

from by Megaciph

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Needs vs. Wants on a personal and a national level


What you Need
In the best interests of my countrymen
I suggest we all take a step out the system
Who makes the wheels turn us or them?
In God we should trust but we’re trusting them
Watching on the news as they play us dumb
Whose information is more fun?
So I abstain from their propaganda like a nun
In meditation my time is better invested
Like P.E. and K.R.S. fuck what the rest did
Ain’t no rest for us ghetto kids
And society is built on the least privileged
And modern day slaves come from all races
So what do I have to say to get your
Support in the street for economic war
Like Martin Luther King but we boycott all
Until that day we see the system fall
Don’t try to tell me what you want but need
And I won’t front when it comes to speed
I’m gonna always give you what you need
Cause ain’t nothing in this world they can make stop me (Chorus) (2X)
Now this might seem like a poison for a cure
And how it’s gonna turn out I’m really not sure
But one thing has got to change and that’s the law
How do you import the drugs and call it war?
Close off the ports check the cargo
Or would that go against your inner city embargo
Where nothing comes out but the crime goes in
And kids grow up feeling invisibly closed in
Clothed in the shackles their family’s chosen
Which can best express how our voices were frozen
My toes in the ocean ain’t cold enough
So I’m a freeze the waters and call your bluff
The only thing backing up your dollar is us
We’re behind your stocks your bonds and your trusts
So unless a coup is what you want
I offer this advice for your consideration
Now what the government wants is for me to be quiet
They claim that such words will incite a riot
But the truth is everyone I speak with is tired
Of officially elected greedy bastards and liars
Make our taxes higher give us national health care
Stop supporting the military give it back to welfare
Our education system priority everywhere
And no more death penalty the laws ain’t fair
These major corporations they make killing a sport
Then they hire a judge a lawyer a court
Some lobbyists a senator without getting caught
And crush the little guy with minimal support
Now that you saw it don’t just get angry
Or volunteer at your local church bi-annually
Go home educate your whole family
And spread the word we need we need to be free!!
(Chorus) ©


from The Graduate Program, released June 1, 2006


all rights reserved



Megaciph Mobile, Alabama

Megaciph is Mental Energies Gather And Circulate In Positive Harmony. Using concepts that are timeless with a soulful approach to the music this is Hip-hop at its finest, it is the truth, infectious, beautiful, exotic, and masterful. Megaciph is a voice for all people. He is a welcome addition to the ranks of lyrical freedom fighter in the universal struggle against oppression. ... more

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