Say My Name

from by Megaciph

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You got to talk ish in Hip-hop and this is me making fun of that outmoded and inane concept


Say My name
Doubting my worth should I have been a stillbirth?
Re-evaluate life put on a new shirt
I had to pick up my dick up out the dirt
And get them wounds licked because my soul was hurt
The first official we’re blessed with the Lord’s tissue
Whether cold or hot your spot’s the top issue
Don’t stop to fish if your crops are gonna miss you
If my hook ain’t catch you then the streams gone get you
Or its sharks will come fetch you and scream in your ear
With that same old fear and pain year after year
Rocking top dollar ice and top dollar gear
Talking bout they hard as hell but look queer
Throw that trash over the pier without a second thought
I work for the Lord’s court my soul can’t be bought
Keep it real for my people’s Roots like Black Thought
Stayin humble at all times so never fall short
Wrought iron rhyme mount Zion mind
On a search for peace move to self ye shall find
Harmony terror love and hate
With our own hands we can create
Now say my name cause I want you to
And buy my album cause I’m telling you to
What more do you need we’re making you move
Fuck knowledge of self just get with the groove (Chorus) (2X)
I ain’t telling no jokes sun ain’t a damn thing funny
Except for ego trippjn off of fan based money
For sweets I chose honey now my whole life sunny
Take a well-done T-bone with the eggs good and runny
Rap Chuckie if them puppies want to come out and play
I slay lame game rappers and leave em all strays
The next day their home will be the place I stay
And wherever Hip-hop lives ThatsGoodness plays
From Atlanta to LA to New York it don’t stop
We roll up and keep on inhaling until we pop
Cause life don’t stop it just maintain or build
And without knowledge of self you can’t climb the hill
Brothers keeping it real you know how we feel
Yo Avi wherever you at come cop a deal
I refer to the mic as a piece of steel
Quick to stick you up in the streets for mass appeal
With a zeal for the art spit from the heart
Reaching heads of races generations apart
With words of wisdom stuffed into poisonous darts
If you don’t love the game ain’t no need to start
(Chorus) ©


from The Graduate Program, released June 1, 2006


all rights reserved



Megaciph Mobile, Alabama

Megaciph is Mental Energies Gather And Circulate In Positive Harmony. Using concepts that are timeless with a soulful approach to the music this is Hip-hop at its finest, it is the truth, infectious, beautiful, exotic, and masterful. Megaciph is a voice for all people. He is a welcome addition to the ranks of lyrical freedom fighter in the universal struggle against oppression. ... more

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