Volunteers f. Guy Ron Solero Vanterpool

from by Megaciph

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Our military is a volunteer force made up of mostly young idealistic males soon to be disillusioned by the pain and misery of war. Soldiers come home with injuries they'll have the rest of their lives, PTSD, and not to mention the negative stigma placed on them by so many people who enjoy the freedom and luxury provided by the service men and women.


Verse 1
Swollen images of glory in my mind at enlistment
Over head a flapping red, white and blue filling the distance
A grand divide between myself and conscientious convictions
Or belief systems that stop people from killing over religions 4
I was young and I was out of options in my mind
It was supposed to be fun my obligations ill defined
I’d be the one to take charge with a gun back of my mind
Without college or riches no dreams are realized 8
Well I’ll never have the latter the Marines will get me the first
Ain’t nothing badder than them dress blues or the one spitting this verse
Just see the world pay into the GI bill fatten the purse
My recruiter made it sound simple a play he had well rehearsed 12
Forever cursed are the ones who get young innocent signatures
Under the guise of for god and country their honor diminishes
Greed built a standing army went against the founder’s wishes
Now free democracy conducts war games and peace keeping missions 16
Ironic Hypocrisy
Verse 2
I scored high on my entrance exams or ASVAB
And chose oh three forty one with a guaranteed Hawaii track
Graduated basic now M-O-S school’s where I’m at
A mortar man with a thirty five pound gun on my back 4
Plus my rifle eight pounds and sixty five pound pack
I’m eighteen weigh a buck ninety five and feel jacked
One hundred eight pounds on my back a boot marine in Cadillacs
A short twenty mile hump four quarts and my flack 8
After seven miles swear I hear my right foot crack
I’m an E-1, tell my Sarge “I think it snapped”
He’s an E-5, shouts “Private, don’t feed me crap!”
“You got two feet, compensate and don’t fall back” 12
After four more miles my left foot joins in the dance
Only nine more to go I walked em all that’s a fact
One certificate for intestinal fortitude not having shat
And three months healing lost Hawaii to Guantanamo wrap 16
True story
Verse 3 (guest feature Guy Ron Solero Vanterpool)
Verse 4
I’ll never let my children volunteer for the military
To make the same mistakes as I did these days could be deadly
If they’re drafted we’re dodging my go bag stay ready
I support Manning and Snowden you know where this country’s heading?! 4
Global tyrant hegemonic bully police force
Demonic practice virgin sacrifice blood lust
Oil wars valuing corporations over people
This is sick worship of objects and pure evil 8
National desires are valued over personnel
Personal privacies and whistleblowers are given hell
Arms manufacturers supply both sides of conflicts do you
Have a problem with any of these statements or doubt they’re truth? 12
I’m a father and a veteran and I stand for peace
With Julian Assange against our commanders in chief
But it’s hard to be better when daily demands compete
I’m not ignoring the slaughter I’m just trying to eat 16
Like you


from CIVIL​.​i​.​AM, released December 20, 2014
Production by Too Deep
Writing by Miles Megaciph Thomas and Guy Ron Solero Vanterpool


all rights reserved



Megaciph Mobile, Alabama

Megaciph is Mental Energies Gather And Circulate In Positive Harmony. Using concepts that are timeless with a soulful approach to the music this is Hip-hop at its finest, it is the truth, infectious, beautiful, exotic, and masterful. Megaciph is a voice for all people. He is a welcome addition to the ranks of lyrical freedom fighter in the universal struggle against oppression. ... more

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